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Viaflex has now expanded our offerings!  We can now produce up to a 42” x 60” plate with the latest platemaking technology.  Viaflex is the only company in Canada to offer this unique, environmentally friendly technology!  Customers are raving about this product!

ViaFlex has recently invested in new software to provide finer dots!  These finer dots will provide finer highlights, shadows and gradients.  Contact us for a test plate!


Who are we?

We are a privately owned company providing Flexographic platemaking, prepress and consulting services with superior service, quality and pricing.  

ViaFlex Solutions is very aware of the importance flexographic plate imaging can have on the final output of your printed piece.  By utilizing strict process control measures, ViaFlex provides a consistent, repeatable product.

A well imaged and processed plate can turn an inexpensive press into a press that will challenge the most expensive press. The services and products offered are of premium quality. ViaFlex’s unique technologies and services will provide your business with the quality and differentiation that will get your products noticed in this very competitive market.  

Our unique product offerings have allowed our customers to be more productive, save money and achieve quality that Flexographic converters have only dreamed of.

Browse around and see how ViaFlex can provide you with the solutions your buiness will benefit from.

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