Plate Imaging

With a unique process that enables a 1:1:1 ratio of digital file to digital mask to digital plate, our reproduction capabilities are astounding. This 1:1:1 ratio eliminates the requirement for any curve to be applied to the output device.  Another variable eliminated.

The process in which the plates are imaged eliminates any oxygen into the plate making procedure.  Oxygen has been known to provide an unstable environment for the creation of the dots.  The elimination of oxygen in the process allows ViaFlex to have consistent, repeatable dots that have flat tops for better ink transfer with a wide base for unparalled stability.  Anothern variable eliminated.

We offer the following plate thicknesses of plates:

  • 1.14mm / 0.045"
  • 1.70mm / 0.067"
  • 2.72mm / 0.107"

The maximum plate size offered is 33 x 43.2".

We offer the following technical specifications:

  • Tonal Range: 0.4 - 99.6%, 
  • Resolution: 2400 dpi (Optical 10,000 dpi)

We offer the following screening:

  • up to 300 lpi
  • 10, 20, 25 micron (unique, second generation) stochastic
  • ViaFlex SolidINK
  • ViaFlex ContoneHD

Obviously, press conditions play a major role in achieving and maintaining superior results on press.  Consult with ViaFlex to determine what plating results you can achieve with our technologies.

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