ViaFlex ContoneHD

The screening applied to your prepress job is critical to the success of your job.  Most Flexo converters will settle for 120 LPI, 133 LPI, 150 LPI or 175 LPI.  With our unparalleled skill sets and vastly superior equipment, we have worked with customers to obtain .4% (point 4%) dots on press while achieving line screens well in excess of 240 LPI.  Obviously, pressrom conditions must be optimized to acheive these results.

ViaFlex ContoneHD is a unique screening technology that can provide superior results on press. This technology will allow you to potentially achieve the following:  

  • Higher Ink Densities
  • Full Tonal Reproduction (.4% dot to 99.6%)
  • Expanded Gamut (less colours on press)
  • Predictable Printing
  • Print at Higher Speeds
  • Efficient Ink Distribution

With complete, documented process control, we manufacture the best flexographic printing plates in the market. Our unique "flat top dot" technology combined with unique processor settings and light finishing settings provide unparalled results.

The Proof:

Click here to see the difference our dot's make! 

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