Prepress Services

It begins with the best people and technology.

With the most advanced pre-press, plating and processing available, VIAFlex offers the most consistent, repeatable plates in the market. This, in combination with the passionate, intellectual prowess employeed by VIAFlex, ensures your jobs are meticullously done in a timely manner.  

Unparalleled Process control.

With the tightest tolerances and process control, our pre-press department has eliminated the variables allowing us to have predictable, repeatable colour.  

VIAFlex ContoneHD. Differentiated Press Results.

We are able to provide unique technologies such as VIAFlex ContoneHD.  VIAFlex ContoneHD provides high resolution images and smooth gradiants while eliminating the chance of moire and often reducing the colours on press by extending the gamut. Technologies such as VIAFlex ContoneHD will not only provide you with advanced, differentiated imaging, but will cut costs significantly on press.

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