Flexographic Platemaking

VIAFlex Solutions employs great people who know prepress and are dedicated to completing your job meticulously and on time.  A great deal of care goes into your file preparation, manipulation and output of proofs and photopolymer.

Utilizing the most advanced CTP (Computer to Plate), workflow, proofing and processing gear, you can be assured that your plates are consistent, repeatable and optimized for your press conditions. 

Any manufacturing process requires process control. Flexo plate manufacuturing is no different. With unique process control and research and development, we have developed unique screening technologies such as ViaFlex ContoneHD.

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Dot structure is paramount in flexo.

Our unique flat top dot technology provides you with the ability to achieve .4% (point 4%) dots and line screens of over 240 LPI.  The structure of the dot is very wide at the bottom to support the flat top dot.  This flat top provides a better, more stable structure to distribute ink for accurate, reliable and consistent print.

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