ViaFlex ContoneHD vs LineScreen

ViaFlex ContoneHD has many benefits over typical AM (133, 150, 175, 200, 240 lpi) screening. Our technology offers moire free printing, greater detail, wider colour gamut, colour consistency and shorter make-readies. 

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The image above represents conventional screening on the left and ViaFlex ContoneHD on the right.  

As we can clearly see the conventional screening on the left has typical AM dots that are large and need to be perfectly registered to achieve the desired colour - a difficult task.  With these large dots we have a process that appears grainy.

On the right, we have ViaFlex ContoneHD dots that are very fine and do not have to be registered as accurately.  The smaller dots allow more detail and a wider colour gamut.  Since registration is less of an issue, you can come up to colour quicker, saving valuable substrate.

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