Prepress Tools

ViaFlex's goal is to make doing business easy.  We offer complementary tools to improve the quality and consistency of your jobs.  We also offer detailed instructions on what we require to have a file go through our systems with ease, thereby greatly reducing pre-press charges.

File Preparation Instructions

These instructions provide you with the simple requirements for us to work with your file and reduce pre-press costs.

Click here to access File Preparation Instructions!

Virtual Proofing System (VPS)

ViaFlex offers complementary virtual proofing software to analyse files.  This free product enables our customers to analyse the digital dots, turn colours on and off, view separations, traps and essentially have the most accurate proof based on the digitally interpreted (RIPed) file.  What you see on the digital proof is what you are going to see on your plate.  This software is available on both Macintosh and PC formats.

Please note that this software only works with files generated from a ViaFlex workflow.

Click here to request VPS (Virtual Proofing Software) for Macintosh!

Click here to request VPS (Virtual Proofing Software) for PC!


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